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Tips to Save Money and Accomplish Most Effective Bathroom Renovations

Tips to Save Money and Accomplish Most Effective Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom holds high importance in a house as this is the place that helps the residents in maintaining their hygienic state. So, the house owners are very particular in keeping their bathrooms in perfect conditions, which is more relevant in case of old houses. If the bathroom turns into a shabby condition, then it is essential to plan for bathroom renovations within the suitable budgets of the house owners. Thus, it is best to chalk out a definite plan for carrying on these remodelling procedures in a bathroom. The house owner needs to be aware of certain guidelines that may help him in saving some money, while renovating his bathroom in a best possible manner.

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Certain Useful Measures to Be Taken for Most Suitable Bathroom Renovations

  • Hire an interior designer – A professional home designer can only suggest the most cost-effective ways for renovating the bathroom. Thus, first of all, it is essential to find out an expert bathroom designer of the same locality, who has prior experience in the field of remodelling of bathrooms. A competent designer takes care to achieve the best bathroom renovations in limited budget and within the minimum possible time.
  • Keep plumbing lines intact – The pipelines of the existing plumbing system in the bathroom may be in fine condition, which may not need any repair or replacement. Then these pipes should be left untouched during the total renovation operation, unless any new fixture is supposed to be installed at a new position in the bathroom.
  • Minimize in changing the layout – It is better to maintain the main layout of the bathroom while renovating this space. The shabby look of the bathroom can be easily renewed without installing a new window or without changing the position of the toilet. It is always cheaper to make a few simple alterations in the styles of the bathroom fixtures, within the existing layout.
  • Change of the mirror frame – The mirror hooked on the bathroom wall for ages may look shabby with discoloured or broken frame. It is much cheaper to just replace the frame of that mirror or to add a decorative frame covering, instead of buying a totally new mirror for the bathroom.
  • Appoint a building contractor – If the tiles of the bathroom walls and flooring are in too worn-out condition, then it is better to hire a professional contractor to take out all the old tiles and replace them. The costs of the tiles provided by that contractor should be compared with the usual market price to save extra expense in this regard. Moreover, it is wiser to change only a few damaged tiles and find the replacement tiles that match perfectly to the existing ones, rather than replacing the entire lot.
  • Change only toilet seat and cover – When the toilet becomes discoloured, it may hamper the appearance of the bathroom, it should be included in the list of renovation. As it is too costly to replace the whole porcelain unit, it is best to change only the toilet seat and its lid that can be availed at much lesser prices.
  • Buy a few resale items – The experienced interior designers can suggest about buying the lighting fixtures, shower curtains, vanities, and other bathroom accessories from the resale market or antique shops. These old items of vintage styles often add elegance to the bathroom appearance and are available at much lower costs than the new ones.

The expertise of a competent interior designer can further help in choosing various other cost effective alternatives that may help in beautifying the bathroom. The porcelain tiles of the walls may be replaced with wooden or fibre board that can be painted, use of granite countertops and vanities may be more durable and cheaper, which offers scope for perfect bathroom renovations.

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