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Introducing, The All New 4 – Hour IBM i, i5/OS, OS 400 Upgrades

Introducing, The All New 4 – Hour IBM i, i5/OS, OS 400 Upgrades

Recently, there’s a good news for all IBM i users. The Source Data Products now have an IBM POWER or AS 400 systems and iSeries version upgrade. A risk-free and hassle-free upgrade is offered to all IBM i users anywhere in the United States. This is the 4 – Hour IBM i, i5/OS, OS 400 Upgrades.

In just 2 to 4 hours, which will also depend on the amount of data that you have, your IBM POWER will be upgraded. The upgrade services offered are very popular all over the United States which is the reason why many business and offices are considering this option. If you are interested, here are the important information that you need to know about this new upgrade.

The 4 – Hour IBM i, i5/OS, OS 400 Upgrades Process

You may wonder how this can ever be possible when moving to a new server may take more than 4 hours, even can last for days. With Source Data Products, they have tested everything before they come onsite. This means that it is proven and tested that the new version upgrades should not be that long.

So here’s how it works. All you have to do is send a complete Option 21 Save tape. Your IBM i, iSeries, or AS400 server will be backed up onto the servers and will be restored. They have different portfolios of tape drives which enables them to read any kind of format that you will be able to provide.

Testing The Backup Recovery Plan

The backup process will be tested. With other companies, testing and validating your IBM can charge you up to $2,000. With Source Data Products, this is done as a bonus when you choose to do your upgrade with the company. Some are afraid to do the testing since they think that something might happen along the process. But with Source Data Products, every process is proven to be successful and testing is important.

Offsite IBM i/ i5/ OS/ OS 400 Version Migration

Once everything is restored, the migration process to V7.2 or V7.3 will start. The migration process will be safe, fast and very convenient. The process may take as long as 20 hours +-5 hours. The speed will depend on different factors that you need to consider. If for example, you are 4 to 6 releases behind, the process may take longer than expected. The good thing is, since it is not onsite, the production system will not be affected. This is very important especially for companies with 2 to 3 shifts.

Why Choose Source Data Products?

Source Data Products has already provided many users with their 4-hour version upgrade service all over the US. They believe that they don’t have to be local for the company to provide you with an outstanding service. You are sure that everything is tested and cleared out any surprises before the team comes to your location to install the new server.

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