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Improve Your Site’s Ranking by Improving Backlink Strategy – Know How!

Improve Your Site’s Ranking by Improving Backlink Strategy – Know How!

Your website is your firstest priority and you want your website to get you an enormous amount of traffic. This big aspiration often doesn’t come to reality as most of the people don’t understand how to go ahead with the SEO part. Building a website and launching it doesn’t end your job. Rather you have to work harder from the time. Because from the instance you need to work hard to get your website on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There’re lots of aspects that define a good SEO result. Backlinks are one of the prime aspects. A little acquaintance with the SEO tells you that SEO can be divided into two major parts: On-page and Off-page optimization. Backlinking is one of the most reliable ways to get Google’s attention towards your site and earn better traffic engagement. I’ll tell you why backlinks are important in SEO. After backlinking, you can discover the improvement of your site’s ranking and visibility by your own eyes. Sites like Alexa and ahrefs are there to give you the statistics.

What is Backlink?

In a nutshell, a backlink is the link that directs a viewer from a third-party website to your website or content. The number of backlinks defines the level of success in SEO.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks Determine Index

Google search spiders index a website based on its quality backlinks. Once you build good-quality backlinks and your contents are indexed by Google, you automatically get more importance, better visibility, and greater traffic to your site. If your website is endorsed by another website, Google considers your site as an important one. However, quality backlinks matter. However, backlinks cannot single-handedly rank you on the top, you need to be attentive to other measures as well including putting primary, secondary and LSI Keywords. If the search engine finds the quality backlinks directing to a non-contextual content, you’ll never be able to rank.

Contextual Backlinks

A good quality backlink will definitely bump up your SEO outcome. If you become successful to create backlinks with the proper placement of the links within the content of a webpage, you’re more likely to rank better on Google compared to your counterparts. Deliberately placed backlinks are considered as quality backlinks rather than senselessly vomiting the keywords in every sentence and linking them to the main website. The meaningful incorporation of links between lines is called contextual ads. So, pay attention to build these sorts of backlinks as they are one of the greatest ways to increase your ranking.

Be Slow but Steady

Quality always requires time. And quality backlinks are no exception. Backlinks created rapidly are less likely to help your SEO. Search Engines prefer the backlinks that have been built gradually over a lengthy period. Search Engine understands that creating backlinks may be hectic sometimes and that’s why they give you time. Moreover, the rules regarding quality backlinks are getting stricter day-by-day. There’re several dubious websites created only to provide backlinks. But they’re as good as short-term traffic. Soon, you’ll see your rank falling.

So, this is how a proper backlink strategy should go ahead. And this is how the backlinks can help your site’s ranking, and traffic to improve. I believe applying this backlinking strategy along with the others will definitely improve your ranking and traffic. You can apply it and see your improvement on various sites that tell you traffic and ranking statistics. A detailed guide about such sites can be found from Layerpoint. So, rank better, earn better.

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