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Compatibility Of WAMP With Window10: A basic guideline

Compatibility Of WAMP With Window10: A basic guideline

WAMP: Easy and social Web Development

WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) is a web development environment used to design web applications with the help of Hypertext Preprocessors (PHP) and the MySQL database. Generally speaking, it is a software bundle that enables a user to control his or her database easily and effectively, by replicating the production server. When a person runs WAMP on his computer, internet connection is not necessary for him to access his websites. Moreover, WAMP allows the users direct access to the files, eliminating any need to upload or download them from the Internet.

WAMP and Windows 10

As evident from its name, WAMP is designed exclusively for the Windows servers. Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 have benefited immensely from the use of this program. However, people who have installed or upgraded from an older Operating System to Windows 10 have reportedly faced problems while running WAMP on their computers. This has led them to question the compatibility of WAMP with Windows 10.

Is WAMP compatible with Windows 10?

This is how to check compatibility of WAMP with Windows 10.

According to the developers of WAMP, it indeed is compatible with Windows 10. There are many out there who are successfully running WAMP on computers that use Windows 10. However, technological inventions never come without a few problems; and WAMP is no exception. Fortunately, these problems are very much fixable. It is, however, important to nore here that this goes only for the 64-bit Windows 10 servers.

The Solutions

  1. One may install Visual C++ Redistributable, uninstall WAMP and then reinstall it. This should solve the problem.
  2. Problems can be caused by port numbers. Port 80 is often governed by a native service, which may hinder the functioning of WAMP. To fix this, one should type “services” into the Start search box, and look for the particular service name (example: “World Wide Web Publishing Service” or “Web Deployment Agent Service”). Then, one has to the right click on this name and select “Stop.” Restarting WAMP after this should fix the issue.
  3. In the latest versions of the Operating System, the aforementioned services may not be present. In such cases, one should look out for similar names, or simply change the port number. This is how it should be done:
  • Clicking the WAMP icon in the System Tray.
  • Selecting “Apache > https.conf”
  • Finding “Listen ”
  • Changing 80 to any other number, such as 1090
  • Restarting WAMP

It is to be noted that the new port number has to be used everywhere for access. For example, instead of http://localhost/, one should use http://localhost:1090/.

It is not required to check the compatibility of WAMPP with Windows 10, as they are indeed compatible. All one needs to do is watch out for potential problems. There are numerous problems that one may have to face during the installation, but with the help of the troubleshooting problems one can sort it out easily.

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